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RPE Mask Fitting

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Abestos Removal

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PAT Testing

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About Us

Here at JA Contracts, we provide a first-class service built on our knowledge, experience, skills and understanding of the requirements of our customers, distributors and suppliers.

Our knowledge base has been built over 27 years of service within the Asbestos Remediation and Demolition sectors.
The importance of this knowledge and passing it on to our customers is constantly overlooked by other service providers.

Our aim is to provide services with very little effort required from you, your organisation, employees or management teams.

Along with the above our technicians are First Aid trained and have undertaken a site access course under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

Our Services

  • Asbestos Removal

    • Click below for more information about our domestic asbestos removal services.
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  • RPE Fitting

    • Click below for more information about our RPE mask fitting and testing services..
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  • PAT Testing

    • Click below for more information about our Portable Appliance testing services.
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